Zachary Murphy

IT Professional and Web Developer

My name is Zachary Murphy. I am a Freelance Web Developer with a special interest in WordPress. I have been developing and maintaining WordPress websites for over six years. I hold an Associate’s of Applied Science degree in Computer Science, and I have also been an Information Technology Professional for over five years with experience in K-12 technology, help desk support, network and systems administration, and project management. I believe working in this field requires one to have a drive to keep on learning and improving. I frequently take online trainings to keep my skills up to par and have attended conferences. I over a wide range of services as your browse through my website. I really do strive to take an individualized approach for each customer to meet their individual needs.

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Web Development Services

I specialize in building clients customized WordPress websites. While I can build websites using other methods, WordPress is where my passion is.

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Social Media Consulting

I see so many small businesses without any social media platform. I have a passion to help people learn to use social media properly for their small business.

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My Experience

I have over fives years experience in the IT field, web development, social media marketing, and much more!